January 16th to January 20th, 2022

Norrköping Concert Hall




Welcome to our Festival! We are following the directives of the Swedish Health Authorities and are applying the required procedures to offer you a safe and                                                enjoyable experience!

January 21th, 2022




Warm congratulations  to Juliette GAUTHIER from Belgium for winning the First Prize, the Pratté Prize AND the Audience Prize of the Second Pratté International Harp Competition!

Bravo to the other prizewinners:  Jernej MISIC from Slovenia (Second Prize) and to Michelle Sweegers from Holland and Elena Antropovski from Belgium (shared Third Prize)!


.....And sincere congratulations the all the contestants who all performed on a         very high level!




November 18th, 2021

ADMITTED CONTESTANTS, Second Pratté International Harp Competition

Maria do Carmo ALMEIDA QUINTELA (Portugal)

Elena ANTROPOVSKI (Belgium)

Héloïse CARLÉAN-JONES (France)

Anke DE GERSEM (Belgium)

Juliette GAUTHIER (Belgium)


Ashley LIM (Singapore)

Elizabeth W.MAYO (USA)

Jernej MISIC (Slovenia)

Viviane NÜSCHELER (Switzerland/Vietnam)

Michelle SWEEGERS (The Netherlands)

Panna SZÖLLÖSY VÀGÒ (Ungary)

Tosca TAVANIELLO (Italy)

Anastasia UVARAVA (Belarus)

Luna VISSERS (Belgium)

Nan WANG (China)

YuShan ZHANG (China)




September 2021


Dear all,

It is a great pleasure for me and the Pratté Society to be able to soon welcome you once again to Norrköping for a second edition of the Pratté International Harp Festival that promises to be very exciting!

During these five days, we will be paying a tribute to the newly rediscovered bohemian fascinating harpist and composer Anton Edvard Pratté (1796-1875). Pratté, who enjoyed an internationally acclaimed career as a soloist, had a strong connection to the town and the surroundings of Norrköping, as he spent most of his life here!

Come to our Festival and find out more about him, his work and legacy!

Pratté´s music will be played throughout the Festival and lectures about his life and works, contemporary fellow artists and historical background will be held in swedish and english language.

You will also have the opportunity to listento rising star harpists at the International Harp Competition for Young Talents that will take place between January 17th and January 20th in Norrköping Concert Hall. The competition is of course open to the public and the finalists will have the privilege to perform with wonderful Norrköping Symphony Orchestra on January 20th!

The main venue of the Festival is Norrköping De Geerhallen ( Norrköping Concert Hall) where concerts, harps exhibition, lectures, workshops and of course the competition will take place .

But we will also go to meet our audience at other venues in Norrköping, including schools, elderly homes and various cultural locations.

The Festival will also include concerts focusing on Nordic music for harp so well as from Pratté´s era as from today and specific workshops for harpists about among other things harp schools and traditions.

We are so delighted to welcome our artists, including Sophie Hallynck, Isabelle Perrin, Mirjam Schröder, Päivi Severeide, the norwegian harpist and composer Uno Alexander Vesje and the winner of the First Pratté International Harp Competition (2019) Iván Bragado Poveda!

A detailed program of  the Festival events will be unfolded on this website and social medias later on this autumn.

Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our sponsors, partners, and all of those who have helped me organizing to have made with their different contributions this event possible!

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Norrköping!




Delphine Constantin-Reznik

Artistic Director